360 Kubieke meter. 360 Cubic meter With its emerald canals old Batavia was once called Venice of the East. Nowadays, the Kali Besar, the only remaining city canal from the VOC era has turned into a stinking ditch. Since colonial times water pollution is a major problem in the Indonesian capital Jakarta. In 2015 plastic - daily 1800 tons - is the largest polluter. The project 360 cubic meter shows physical evidence of the heavy pollution of the Kali Besar. The material comes from just 1 cubic meter, a fraction of waste that is dumped daily.  The climax of the series shows a desolate sight of the outlet area of the canal where the waste accumulates in an ever growing mountain of waste.

Dutch newspapers NRC and NRC Next published ‘Bij de Chinees’. A reportage about restaurant Golden River, a typical traditional Chinese restaurant. Once the popular family restaurant, now these restaurants are disappearing fast and are taken over by all you can eat sushi places and stir fry restaurants. To read the full article online click here.