Interview Dutch broadcasting magazines

  Interview about my role as judge in TV program Het Perfecte Plaatje and my personal motivation to being a [...]

Premiere Trailer ‘the Dyke’ Dutch Dubai

  https://vimeo.com/641099637 On 3 November, www.the-dyke.com was launched during the Country Day at the World Exhibition in Dubai. Click here [...]

Editie NL

Does this picture has the potential to go viral? Dutch television program Editie NL asked me this question regarding this special [...]

Guest speaker at WINNER

I am honored to speak this morning at the WINNER (The Week of Indonesia-Netherlands Education and Research conference) about the [...]

Masterclass storytelling National Geographic

  How to tell a story with your pictures; tips & tricks and sharing personal experiences at Hearst National Geographic

Start season 6 Het Perfecte Plaatje

Season 6 of Het Perfecte Plaatje will be airing October 13 20.30 RTL4