Live episode 5 ‘the Professionals’

Live episode 5 'the Professionals'. The superyachts Wendy Jongsma works on are getting bigger and bigger. So big in fact that [...]

Live episode 4 ‘the Innovators’

Live episode 4 'the Professionals' . The world’s first Blue Energy plant is located at the Afsluitdijk. How do you [...]

Live episode 3 of the Dyke: ‘the Next Generation’

Live episode 3 'the Next Generation' Climate activist Jesse van Schaik wants to save the planet and believes campaigning is the [...]

Live episode 2 of the Dyke: ‘the Ecologist’

Live episode 2 'the Ecologist'. Soon, millions of fish will use the Fish Migration River to swim straight through the [...]

Live episode 1 of the Dyke: ‘the Community’

Live episode 1 'the Community'. The inhabitants of Tzum, 25 kilometres from the Afsluitdijk, have been fighting for a village [...]

Launch ‘the Dyke’, social impact stories of a Dutch Icon

The Dyke is a multimedia project about the future of the Netherlands. A country that without dykes would have been lost [...]