After 7 great years in education – teaching groups of adolescents – I retrained myself in 20007 as a professional journalism / documentary photographer.

From the beginning I have been invited to give lectures for photographers: how do you do that? Thanks to winning photography awards such as the  Binnenlands Nieuws- Zilveren Camera, exhibitions and international publications. In my lectures and presentations I tell about my journey and approach to become a successful photographer.

The special themes of my reports are often a reason to invite me to a lecture, discussion evening or to participate in a panel. My project Sinking Cities – awarded with the Zilveren Camera Award 201-  has made me an expert in the field of subsidence and the consequences of climate change. Since 2014 I have also been invited as a speaker by organizations, musea, universities, to engineers and experts working in the water and environmental sector, urban planning and architecture. 

In  addition, I provide my expertise in the field of visual storytelling as a permanent jury member to the TV program Het Perfecte Plaatje, an RTL 4 program about photography.

I offer 60 + minute (on-line) personalized mentoring sessions with photographers, tailored to individual aspirations and goals.

These tutorials are aimed at those who aspire to become professionals and the driven amateurs: Anything you would like to know. How to build a visual story, explore ideas generation, research, project planning, executing projects and editing. Portfolio review, anything that would help to take your work to the next level.

One-off tutorials are €150,- euro for 60+ minutes for an one on one mentoring session.

Coaching & Workshops
I also give photography workshops and inspirational talks amongst others at the Koaching Akademie: a training institution in personal growth and leadership, in which creativity & innovation are central.

If you would like to discuss possibilities or plan a tutorial please fill out the contact form and I will respond as soon as possible.