About me.

My name is Cynthia Boll and I am a photographer who thrives on multi-disciplinary, creative exploration and making the world a better place through the art of story telling.

Creating a unique compelling visual story, combining documentary photography with new technologies and forms of communication, my stories are shown from the perspective of ordinary people.
My style of storytelling is characterised by images taken up close. The documented person is seemingly unaware of my presence – giving the audience the experience of being there in person.
The visuals are built up by multiple layers, revealing the story of the characters not completely visible at first glance.

Throughout my career, my work has developed into a layered narrative style. The central theme of my body of work is the influence of political, economic and environmental factors on humans.
In my view new developments in photojournalism and the ever-changing media offer challenges and new opportunities: to tell a story in a new innovative way focusing on participation and involvement.


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Naam: Cynthia Boll
mob: +31 650634796
Skype: cynthiaboll

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