Live episode 1 of the Dyke: ‘the Community’

Live episode 1. 'the Community'. Visit the Dyke to meet the inhabitants of Tzum, 25 kilometres from the Afsluitdijk, have been fighting for a village turbine [...]

Launch ‘the Dyke, social impact stories of a Dutch icon’

This week the Dyke, social impact stories of a Dutch icon launched during Dutch Dubai pavilion at the world expo in Dubai. the Dyke is [...]

TV Item Berita Satu

A feature item on Indonesian TV channel Berita Satu about the project The People Behind the Seawall. Occasion was our exhibition in Kota [...]

Lukman read his life story

Currently I am in Jakarta working on Utarakan Jakarta, The Exhibition. In November 2015 National Geographic Indonesia and Netherlands published the project. Today I went [...]

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